Quantum Equipment provides exclusive services for XRF analyzers optimized for jewellery alloys & precious metals manufactured by Roentgenanalytik Systeme GmbH & Co. KG and Bruker Nano GmbH. We do have ample stock of spares and consumables together with special sets of calibration standards to support these products all over India. Our technicians has hands on experience in servicing and calibrating the products being these products are introduced by us and market is also developed by our teams for such technique. The entire hardware knowledge and software skills for handling these units is available with us to provide prompt and efficient service support in time. The major range of products includes Karatmeter and ComPact 5 from Roentgenanalytik as well as Karatmeter ORA and Karatmeter Mistral from Bruker, Germany.

Our test facilities are well equipped with special test & measuring instruments to measure all required parameter and to optimize the performance of components. Special software packages along with test jigs are available to perform stability tests, optimizing detectors with electronics, checking and verifying the performance of electronic PC boards. We do have India’s largest base for calibration standards for precious alloys and thickness measurements. Please do contact us in case of any service assistance, calibrations or spares requirements.

We do provide service support for laser marking system and assist in establishing hallmarking centers together with proper consultation. The entire range of hallmarking equipment will be supplied by us as per customer’s choice and budget. Our technical team is having hands on experience in handling DPSS and fiber based laser marking systems. We do have ample stock of spares and expertise to handle FlyAir, Compact and Unico laser markers supplied by Lasit spa, Italy.

As per new Gold Monetization Scheme launched by Indian Government. All hallmarking centers are requested to equip their facilities with small induction furnace. We do have world’s most favorite and patented air-cooled small bench-top induction furnace most suitable for this scheme. We have supplied several such furnaces to all leading hallmarking centers who are already user of our several other equipment since its inception.

Since ancient days Gold always has sentimental value as a prestige as well as good investment. India and few Asian countries have strong opinion that Gold investment can be immediate cashed as and when required. Most of the jewelry trade in past was working on believe for its quality and purity where since last few years new non-destructive XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) technique is established for purity measurements. The introduction of KARATMETER is flashed by Tanishq in 1996 under active support from Quantum Equipment towards sales and services. Since then few thousands units are installed by Quantum within India and also exported to nearby Asian and Gulf countries. During this period several other manufacturers are also entered into this field and tried to convince for their products based on various points. However we would to highlight some of the important following facts to our esteem customers:

  • Most of the commercially available XRF manufacturers are assembling XRF units with several out sourced parts and integrating their interface with software.
  • The major key components like X-ray tube, high voltage module, various detectors (prop counter, PIN diode or silicon drift SDD) as well as digital pulse processor (DPP) and multi-channel analyzer (MCA) are out sourced from standard worldwide manufacturers who are supplying these components since last several decades.
  • The XRF components manufacturers worldwide are very limited; hence most of the components used by different XRF manufacturers are from the common suppliers. In short prop counter detector is manufactured only by LND and TOSHIBA as like high voltage modules from SPELLMAN or HITEK, PIN diode detectors from AMPTEK or MOXTEK and so on…
  • Under this circumstance no one XRF manufacturer can claim that they are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) entirely on their own. Hence statements like units are completely manufactured by the supplier from Europe or US does not valid as it is so called assembly of the products.
  • In such situation while selecting the best XRF unit one must see the components used are from reputed manufacturers. All such information is now-a-days available on internet and supplier can help in this matter.
  • We should be proud being Indian if anyone is able to provide local XRF with the use of quality key components from standard manufacturers and we must support such supplier to enhance the country’s economy. It will be the true support for the campaign of Make in India.

We do hope that above points will throw lights on your expectations and can ask suppliers for the right product with right components rather than only believing on their rosy statements like products are entirely manufactured & imported from their foreign facilities.

Quantum always strives hard to introduce new innovations in XRF technology based on present needs and considering future possibilities at most affordable price. Quantum believes in future with timely up-gradation of products based on latest available hardware and software. The quality and support is the very crux of our successful business since last 2-decades.

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